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Novelty Candy

Novelty Candy
Carol's Candy Corner Novelty Candy offer fun candy toys for kids all ages including Nerd Rope, Pop Rocks, Pez Candy, Pop Shots, Pirate Candy, Sea Monster Water Guns, Shockers Shock Tarts, Whirly Pops, and much more. Buy your fun treats today.Have Questions? Contact Customer Service 1-888-551-3725

Jelly Belly Harry Potter Bertie Bott's Every-Flavour Beans- 4.25 oz Gift Box
Vidal Gummy Brains Candy (2.2 LB Bag)
Gummy Fang Teeth Candy (2.0 Lbs - Approx 136 Pcs)
Wax Candy Sugar Lips
Wax Sugar Fangs Candy
Wax Mustache Candy
Halloween Coffin Creepers Lollipop Candy (1.4 Oz)
Halloween Lots-a-Spooks Lollipops (5 Pcs)
Halloween Twisted Terror Lollies (4 Hallow Rings)
Halloween Whirly Lollipop Candy (1.5 Oz)
Halloween Coffin Creepers Lollipop Candy (1.4 Oz)
Halloween Candy Sticks With Jelly Monsters
Halloween Pirate Skull & Bones Chocolate Lollipop (4.4 Oz)
Halloween Pirate Skull Solid Milk Chocolate Lollipop (5.5 Oz)
Candy Lipstick - Sweetheart
Candy Watches
Hoopz Lollipop Candy
Fun Dip Candy (3 Flavors and 2 Lollipops)
Fun Dip Tropical Candy (3 Flavor Dips and 2 Lollipops)
Gummi Bears Candy (1.4 Oz) Bag
Gummi Hamburger Candy (10 PC Pack)
Gummi Hot Dog Candy (10 PC Pack)
eFrutti Gummi Pizza Candy
Gummy Army Men Candy (1 Lb)
Gummy Airplanes Candy (1 Lb)
Carousel Large Gumball Tube Pack (12 PC Package)
Jewels Bubble Gum Candy (1.4 Oz)
Lotsa Fizz Hard Candy
Zotz Fizz Candy (3 Strings Set - Cherry, Watermelon, Apple)
Jaw Busters Candy
Magic Chocolate Rocks Candy (1 Lb)
M & M Mini's Candy Tubes
Nerds Rope Candy
Piggy Bank With Gold Chocolate Coins
PreHistoric Dinosaur Candy Egg
Ring Pop, Jewel Shaped Hard Candy Variety Pack, 40-Count
Razzles Candy
Razzles Tropical Candy
Sea Monster Candy Filled Water Squirter
Shockers Chewy Sour Candy Roll
Giant Sweet Tarts Chewy Candy - 1.5 Oz, 36 Ct Box
Whirly Pop Candy Lollipops (1.5 Oz)
Write Bytes Magic Screen & Sour Saucer Candy (1.5 Oz)
Halloween Creepy Candy Dispensers
Holiday Klicker Candy Dispensers
Christmas Solid Milk Chocolate Santa Pops (1.5 Oz)
Holiday Solid Milk Chocolate Reindeer Pops (1.5 Oz)
Holiday Snowman Solid Milk Chocolate Pops (1.5 Oz)
Christmas Panoramic Sugar Egg Candy (4 Oz)
Edible Snow Candy (1 Oz)
Christmas Gummy Bears Candy (1 Lb - Approx 142 PCs Per Lb)
Wonka Pixy STix Cherry Flavor Green Grass Candy (39 Pcs - 2.9 Oz)
Edible Monster Money Candy ( 0.71 Oz)
Clicker Licker Pop Candy
Ring Pops Space Gem Candy Lollipops (0.5 Oz)
Gummy Eyeballs Candy (0.5 Oz)
Gummy Mummy Candy (0.88 Oz)
Black Forest Gummy Tarantulas Candy (4.25 Oz)
Black Forest Juicy Oozers Gummy Vampries (4.25 Oz)
Black Forest Gummy Werewolves (4.25 Oz)
Black Forest Juicy Oozers Gummy Bugs (4.25 Oz)
Blood Drips Liquid Candy (2.4 Oz)
Jelly Belly Pet Gator Gummi Candy (3 Oz)
Jelly Belly Gummy Pet Rat Candy (3.0 Oz)
Jelly Belly Pet Tarantula Gummy Candy (1.5 Oz) 2 Packs
Trolli Gummy Spiders Candy (1 Lb - 63 PCs)
Gummy Hissee Fit Snake - 14"long Snakes - 2 Packs
Trolli Gummy Worms Candy (1 Lb - 43 PCs)
Gummy Googly Eyeballs Candy (5 PC Pack)
Jelly Belly Gummy Brains Candy (1 Lb)
Gummy Candy
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